The Enneagram Institute® Training Program


For over 25 years, The Enneagram Institute® has offered the most comprehensive Enneagram Training Program available anywhere in the world today. Using the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach℠— a full spectrum exploration of the Enneagram and all of its elements, psychological and spiritual—the program offers a tremendous range and depth, and the content and precision of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program have earned a global reputation.

We have been actively re-envisioning our Training Program. Taking the best of what we've learned over the past 25+ years of teaching, we have been updating our programs to reflect our most recent development in content and in furthering personal development and transformation. As was the case with our original Training, the new programs will be rolled out in a multi-year process. In 2019, all educational events will be led by Russ Hudson and held at our headquarters in Stone Ridge, NY. Our intent is to add subsequent level courses and additional locations after this first year.

2019 Training Program Schedule

Save the dates! Additional details, including pricing, will be announced in our January Newsletter, and registration links will open on February 1, 2019. A $500 deposit is required to hold your spot in each class. 


Enneagram Foundations: An Introduction to the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach

April 5-9, 2019
August 13-17, 2019

The initial offering in our updated educational program is Enneagram Foundations: An Introduction to the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach℠. This course will be based on differing aspects of experiential learning, with a particular focus on the Riso-Hudson orientation to the Enneagram, the richness and depth of which is not available anywhere else, as well as to individual transformation. The course is intended for those who wish to understand the real backbone and true purpose of the Enneagram, with personal mastery of the material. We invite you to begin or continue your Training with us this year, as Enneagram Foundations will be the prerequisite for all future EI Trainings. 

The Inner Critic (Psychic Structures) Workshop

August 9-11, 2019

A popular workshop that is open to all levels, the Inner Critic (Psychic Structures) workshop is extraordinarily usefulness to therapists, counselors, and to all serious students of the Enneagram. This Workshop employs visual models, discussion, music, and deep experiential work to introduce the Psychic Structures of the nine Enneagram types. The Psychic Structures are concrete "blueprints" for the inner mechanisms of each type. They are symbolic representations of psychological processes and are especially powerful for visually oriented people and for those who wish to have a "gestalt" of each type as a whole. With these vivid and dynamic models, you will be able to see with startling clarity what is happening in each type and why.

This Workshop is also about the role of the superego. The Psychic Structures reveal how our ego activity is driven by the superego, the "inner critic," that restricts us and keeps us reacting according to past patterns. We will explore how the superego creates each type's inner conflicts and self-defeating habits, and explore ways to counteract its deadening, limiting effects.

By the end of this Workshop, you will understand each type as a coherent whole and have deeper insight into the mechanisms that drive them. It is only with this kind of clear understanding that true compassion can arise, as well as the depth of awareness that would make possible a resolution of each type's illusions and inner conflicts. Many who have learned the Psychic Structures have said that they are the most illuminating thing they have ever been taught about the Enneagram.

Please Note: Only Inner Critic Workshops that are produced by The Enneagram Institute® are authorized by and approved toward The Enneagram Institute® Training Program.


Master Class: Practicum on Workshop Teaching
(prerequisite: Parts I, II & III Training completed by 2018)

March 22-27, 2019